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CRISPR-Cas technology is transforming biology. Genome editing is used in many different cell types and organisms to specifically modify genes for the interrogation of fundamental cellular pathways. The Caribou technology platform allows researchers to specifically manipulate genomic DNA in multiple ways:

  • Gene knockout
  • DNA sequence insertion
  • Gene up-regulation
  • Gene down-regulation

Research services

Caribou provides scientific research in the fields of biotechnology, cellular engineering and genome editing, including genome engineering and amplification.

Cell engineering

The CRISPR-Cas technology is used to generate more accurate genotypic models of disease through precise genomic changes. The Caribou technology platform efficiently engineers transformed cell lines as well as primary cells. Importantly, researchers have the ability to carry out assays and screens directly in primary cells.

Animal models

The CRISPR-Cas technology generates specific animal models of disease and is transforming model generation in mice, rats, rabbits, and larger animals. Genome editing can be performed directly in a zygote, substantially reducing the time needed for new model generation.

Phenotypic screening

Caribou Biosciences has generated hundreds of thousands of data points from engineering many thousands of genomic sites across several different cell types. Our high throughput workflow relies on proprietary bioinformatics tools to design optimal guide RNAs for a given experiment. Engineered cells are then validated via next-generation sequencing and analysis of the modified genomic loci with custom analytical tools developed by our bioinformatics team.

The CRISPR-Cas platform can be deployed in pooled or arrayed formats for target identification and validation screening. By pairing engineered cell lines containing disease-specific mutations with high throughput screening, we can investigate the role of given mutations in the biology of disease as well as identify potential druggable targets.

We are pleased to have a non-exclusive partnership with Novartis in which Caribou and Novartis are collaborating to deploy the technology for high throughput screening.


The Caribou technology platform can interrogate key genomic information both in vitro and in vivo. Through single and multi-gene manipulations, we are learning new information about the genotype-phenotype linkage across multiple kingdoms of life.

In Depth - Biological Research

Researchers are using CRISPR-Cas technology to generate more accurate and efficient models of disease in cell lines, primary cells, and animal models through gene knockout, DNA sequence insertion, or gene up- or down-regulation.

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