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Our Approach

Caribou Biosciences is a pioneer in the revolutionary field of CRISPR-Cas genome editing.  Our proprietary technology puts us at the forefront of the development of new medical therapies and bio-based products which offer profound benefits to both human health and society as a whole.

Our singular focus is on the advancement of new applications for CRISPR-Cas gene editing that will help bring the tremendous promise this technology holds for patients and consumers to reality.

Our Technology

Caribou Biosciences is a rapidly growing leader in one of the most revolutionary developments in science this century – CRISPR-Cas gene editing.

We are applying our transformational technology platform and discoveries in four priority markets:

  • Therapeutics
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Biological research
  • Industrial biotechnology

Through the formation of alliances with industry leaders in each of these markets as well as internal technology and product development, we are driving the creation and adoption of innovative new medical therapies and bio-based products.

The Caribou CRISPR-Cas technology platform enables simple, flexible targeting of any site in a genome with applications in:

  • Human and animal therapeutics
  • New disease models
  • Genomics
  • Bioproduction cell lines and fermentation strains
  • Functional genomic screens
  • Plants with enhanced traits

Caribou currently counts among its key collaborators Novartis and Intellia Therapeutics.

Our Commitment To Quality

We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions for cellular engineering and analysis by combining scientific expertise and integrity with quality systems, to deliver beneficial and safe products that meet or exceed customer expectations. On a personal and professional level, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, and natural environment.  All of our business is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws.

CRISPR-Cas Technology

The Caribou CRISPR-Cas technology platform enables simple, flexible targeting of any site in a genome. Learn more. 

Application Areas

The Caribou CRISPR-Cas technology platform has the potential to revolutionize the future of therapeutics, agriculture, biological research, and industrial biotechnology. Learn more.


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