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Software Developer

We are seeking a Software Developer to join our Computational Biology group. This individual will work directly with Caribou scientists and informaticians to develop integrated software tools for experiment design, data archiving, and data analysis. The ideal candidate will have broad CS knowledge, some system administration experience, and a demonstrated ability to thrive in a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Refining and maintaining software development best practices
  • Construction of high-throughput, parallelized pipelines for data analysis in both local cluster and cloud environments
  • Development and maintenance of APIs, libraries, and databases to support our ecosystem of custom tools
  • Construction of new visualization and data integration methods
  • Administration of Caribou’s local and cloud computational environments

Candidate must possess:

  • BS degree in computer science, physics, or engineering
  • Minimum three years’ experience leading full-stack development efforts
  • Strong proficiency with some combination of Python, C/C++, JavaScript, NumPy/SciPy and the R statistical package
  • Experience deploying tools in cluster and/or cloud-based computational environments
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Experience maintaining and administering instrumentation and computer hardware
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities, meet deadlines and produce quality results under pressure
  • A willingness and desire to learn and work well in a team environment


  • Experience configuring and optimizing MySQL, MongoDB, and other databases
  • A knack for software architecture and system integration
  • Industry experience in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical fields
  • Experience with NGS sequencing and analysis pipelines is particularly desirable