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Informatics Scientist

We are seeking an Informatics Scientist to join our Computational Biology group. This individual will work directly with Caribou scientists and external collaborators to develop methods for understanding experimental results and improving experiment design. The ideal candidate will have clearly demonstrated an ability to manage the informatics needs of large, multidisciplinary projects and communicate effectively across various scientific and computational disciplines.      

Responsibilities will include:

  • Independent management of informatics needs for multiple parallel projects
  • Implementation of appropriate statistical controls and analyses
  • Development of new visualization and data integration methods
  • Presentation of results to internal scientists, external collaborators, and Caribou management
  • Providing guidance on overall experimental strategy and direction from a computational perspective
  • Maintaining close coordination with pipeline and software development efforts

Candidate must possess:

  • A PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology, or similar fields
  • At least four years experience in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry
  • Strong proficiency with some combination of Python, C/C++, JavaScript, NumPy/SciPy and the R statistical package
  • Experience deploying tools in cluster and/or cloud-based computational environments


  • Experience with computational tools for molecular visualization and interaction (Rosetta, VMD, PyMOL, etc.) is highly desirable
  • Detailed understanding protein and nucleotide sequence alignment is highly desirable
  • Knowledge of the complete NGS sequencing and analysis pipeline
  • Experience with CRISPR or RNAi-based screening, large-scale RNA-seq or CHIP-Seq, and/or multi-dimensional flow cytometry
  • Familiarity with database maintenance and optimization is desirable